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Win Lock PRO V.10 is a screen Lock and computer login program created by BlueZap Industries.
The project was inspired by the Windows 8 Login and screen lock system.
We aimed to bring the windows 8 experience onto windows 7

 PRO V.2

  New backgrounds
  Settings Code has been renewed
  Now icon displays in taskbar

 PRO V.3

  More Stable
  Login Screen Power Button Fix
  Background Code has been renewed
  Tons of new HD Backgrounds
  Faster Execution
  Menus have been re-designed
  Setup has been re-designed

 PRO V.4

  Sound effects
  Changeable profile picture
  Updated Security features
  New Updater with scheduled Updates
  Login screen has been updated
  New Back Button in Login screen
  Taskbar options renewed
  Minor bug fixes
  Crash fixes

 PRO V.5

  Many security modules have been added
  Major Bug fixes
  Custom Background selection
  New improved menu
  Buttons have been re-designed
  New improved graphics
  Ease of access has been added including a cutom narrator option
  New updator
  Automatic update notifier
  Login screen power button has been re-designed to resemble the windows 8 power button even more
  New notification modules have been added
  Taskmanger is now disabled when winlock Pro is in use
  ALT , TAB , WIN keys have been disabled when winlock pro is in use
  (To increase security functions)
  Many reported crash fixes have been fixed
  Support for Windows Vista have been increased
  A better user interface with many graphical objects have been implemented
  Overall faster execution

 PRO V.6

  New security Modules (More powerful and stable)
  Welcome Screen at startup
  New "Leave a note" option
  Extra options on Lock Screen
  Volume control
  Network Connectivity indicator
  Major bug fixes
  Minor bug fixes
  Crash fixes
  Custom Background error fixed
  Component placement fixed
  Faster execution
  Looks more alike windows 8 interface than v.5
  New Custom buttons
  New updator

 PRO V.7

  Stable security Modules
  About form redesigned
  Bug Report facility added
  New HD Backgrounds
  Pen Drive Intergration (Unlock computer VIA pendrive - Prototype)
  New Custom buttons
  Major bug fixes
  Minor bug fixes
  Crash fixes
  Custom Background error fixed
  Component placement fixed
  Faster execution
  Looks more alike windows 8 interface than v.6
  New Custom buttons
  All new updator

 PRO V.8

  Stability increase
  New Desktop Gadget for easy access
  Settings form re-designed
  Profile picture form re-designed
  Custom Background form re-designed
  Crash fixes
  Minor bug fixes

 PRO V.9

  Coding has been cleaned up
  Major bug fixes
  Crash fixes
  New password recovery method
  Setting up an Email address for further protection
  Graphical Interface has been renewed
  New color scheme selection
  New Borders with fading added
  Lockscreen has been set to a high priority level
  New cleaner modules
  New allways on top technique added
  Faster execution
  Buttons has been renewed
  BlueButton coding has been renewed
  Gadget has been renewed
  Updator renewed

PRO V.10

  A Critical error has been fixed!
  Security module fixes
  Settings form bug fixed

  Special thanks to everyone who reported bugs that they have encountered in WinLock PRO!



  1. Custom Image is not working

  2. the password stayed in the line....
    I maked lock,and i pressed enter..and it was unlock

  3. Your program is disabling the Alt-Tab window switching in Vista